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We strive to be a major player in Equipment-leasing and ensure first-class service rendition to the major energy names in Nigeria and environs


Casing is one of the seamless products that are specially made. Casings for drilling pipes are popular drill accessories. They are of Steel grade quality. The grades you would find with OCTG casing pipes are J55/K55, N80, L80, T95, P110.Casing sizes available are OD 2 3/8″ to 13 3/8

  1. 13-3/8 – 68lbs/ft K-55 or N80 BTC R3.
  2. 9-5/8 – 47lbs/ft J55 or N80 BTC R3.
  3. 9-5/8 – 53.5lbs/ft P-110 VAM R3.
  4. 7″ 29lbs/ft BTC.R3.
  5. 7″ 32lbs/ft P-110 VAM R3.


Tubing are especially used in the oil field industries where there are specific areas that these pipes need to cater to. Tubing ensure thread connections of various kinds including VAM premium connections,API, BTC, Threaded connections, Coupled connections etc.

  1. 3-1/2″ 9.3lbs/ft L-80 CS Hydril/New Vam/EUE conn. R2.
  2. 2-7/8″ 6.5 ppf L-80 CS Hydril/New Vam/EUE conn.
  3. 2-3/8″ L-80 47ppf Vam/CS Hydril/EUE R2.

Line Pipes

Greenstone deals in Seamless Line pipes. We deal in various sizes “OD” of line pipes for oil, water and gas flow. We guarantee the reliability of our products, which corresponds to high international standards. Line pipes (Bare/Coated X-42, X-52 Grade B):

  1. 1″ Sch 40/80/160 API 5L Grade B.
  2. 2″ Sch 40/80 API 5L Grade B.
  3. 3″ Sch 40/80 API 5L
  4. 4″ Sch 40/80
  5. 6″ Sch 40/80 API 5L Grade B.
  6. 8″ Sch 40/80 API 5L
  7. 10″ Sch 40/80 API 5L
  8. 12″ Sch 40/80

Tugboat/Crane Leasing

Hydraulic Telescopic Boom crane on tyres.Model 528c.SWL:25 Tons@3mts radius,8.54mts boom length and 64 degree boom angle.Available for inspection with all necessary certifications.

Our Tugboat MV Somke built in 2012 has a gross tonnage of 40T,length 14m,breadth 5m and depth 1.83m.The tugboat has two set of engines with horse power of 2X500 HP.it takes four crew members on board and has a freeboard space of 600mm.Available for interested clients.

Bend and Elbows

A BEND is the generic term for what is called in piping as an “offset” – a change in direction of the piping. Bends are usually custom-made (using a bending machine) on site and suited for a specific need.

An ELBOW is a specific, standard, engineered bend pre-fabricated as a spool piece and designed to either be screwed, flanged, or welded to the piping it is associated with. An elbow can be 45 degree or 90 degree. There can also be custom-designed elbows, although most are catagorized as either “short radius” or long radius”.


Couplings are short lengths of pipe used to connect 2 joints of tubing or casing. They come with painted color codes on their external surface to indicate their grades. Sizes available range from OD: 2-3/8’’ to 20″


With our expertise we deliver valves of different ranges and how they can be installed without hassles. Professionally assembles in different types for your specific purpose.

Valves are available in different types

  • Gate, globe and check valves
  • Ball valves
  • Butterfly valves


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